Welcome to Life Line! We would love for you to be our guest this Sunday! Whether you’re seeking a new church home or just looking for a new beginning, we invite you to come. Come with your doubts, your problems, your fears and your questions.  You’ll be loved and accepted by our warm, caring and supportive church family.  At Life Line we have a desire to be a help and encouragement to those around us and our deepest desire is to offer hope by helping people develop real, meaningful relationships with God through the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ!
Our theme for 2018 is Grow in Grace”, found in II Peter 3:18. As I look upon 2018, I see potential, excitement, and hope in our growth.  Growth in the Christian life is essential, effective, and endless.  A baby requires continuous care, has limited joy, and provides no service; those Christians who do not grow are often the same.  My desire is to see God’s people grow in the Lord, and there are five areas where we will focus on “growing” this year: 1) Friendship: soul winning  2) Fellowship: intentional outreach  3) Partnership: missions 4) Discipleship: spiritual training  5) Stewardship: giving and caring for all of our resources.  If you are looking for a church that purposes to encourage and equip you for service, stop by for a service!
~ Pastor Tim Lindsey

Upcoming Events

  • Sunday, April 1st – Easter Sunday
  • Saturday, April 7th – Men’s Prayer Breakfast (8 am)
    • Sunday School Teachers Banquet (5 pm)
  • Monday, April 9th – Ladies Fellowship Meeting (6:30 pm)
  • Wednesday, April 11th – Missionary Larry Pieri (supported missionary to Italy) in both services
  • Sunday, April 15th – Wednesday, April 18th – Spring Revival with Dr. Ron Comfort
  • Thursday, April 19th – Senior Friends Monthly Meeting (10 am)